Zhongsha islands

It is important to note that the Tribunal was not ruling on the question of whether China had sovereignty in the South China Sea as stated in Article of lack of jurisdiction. The much discussed voyages of Admiral Zheng He ended in s when the Ming Dynasty found no reason to discover new territories. After Zheng He, only traders and fishermen piled the seas, the Chinese government never sailed again until the nationalist government was given ships by the United States and the United Kingdom at the end of the Second World War.

Zhongsha islands

By WhatGo - It administers actually or nominally several island groups and undersea atolls in the South China Sea including the Spratly Islands, the Paracel Islands, Macclesfield Bank, Scarborough Shoal, and a number of other ungrouped maritime features.

The entire territory is disputed, and the PRC's de facto control over the area varies. Sansha has equal administrative status to a prefecture-level city, and was created on 24 July The establishment of Sansha is simply an upgrade of the administrative status of these island groups from the previous county-level Administrative Office, and construction of a city is not actually underway.

However, a garrison may be established. Foreign reaction to the declaration was not positive. The United States Department of State called Zhongsha islands change in the administrative status of the territory "unilateral", and the move has received criticism from nations engaged in the South China Sea dispute, particularly the Philippines and Vietnam.

Nationally, Sansha is the smallest prefecture-level Zhongsha islands, by both population and land area, but the largest by total area, and is also the southernmost prefecture-level city of the PRC. On 16 Februarythe U.

Department of Defense announced that the Chinese had deployed HQ-9 surface-to-air missiles on the island. On 22 October the original Authority was restored.

Administration was transferred to Hainan on National Day,when the Hainan Administrative Region was established, followed by the establishment of Hainan Province on 13 April Three representatives at the township and village levels were selected to represent the census-town's Neighborhood Committee of the North and South Villages.

These were the first ever actual subdivisions created within the county-level authority. The prospect of the establishment of a "city" on Woody Island was first mooted on 19 November in a report by Mingpao, a Hong Kong-based newspaper, through a telephone interview with a Mr.

Zhang of the Propaganda Department of Wenchang, Hainan. This report claimed that a county-level city was to be established by the PRC State Council in November to administer three disputed archipelagos in the South China Sea: The city of Wenchang would provide supplies and logistics to the to-be-established city.

The troops would be responsible for managing the city's national defence mobilisation, military reserve, and carrying out military operations. Sansha Dance Video Administrative divisions Sansha is governed by a municipal congress of 60 delegates directly elected, with a standing committee of 15 members.

Inthe Foreign Ministry of Vietnam protested against the city's proposed establishment, which had been recently approved by the PRC's State Council, as Vietnam claims two of the three island groups that comprise Sansha.

This was later followed by student demonstrations at the Chinese embassy in Hanoi, and at a consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. Days prior to the official establishment of the city in late JulyVietnam again stated its opposition and was joined in its protests by the Philippines.

The United States Department of State also weighed in on the issue stating, "we remain concerned should there be any unilateral moves of this kind that would seem to prejudge an issue. While Senator Webb stated that the establishment of Sansha was China "creating a governmental system out of nothing", the Chinese government has included the island groups that comprise Sansha in its administrative structure since Before these island groups were under the nominal administration of Sansha, they were nominally administered by an administrative office under the provincial government of Hainan.

Source of the article:According to china, Scarborough Shoal (as called Huangyan Island inChina), a triangular-shaped atoll with a circumference of 46km, hasbeen regarded as part of the Zhongsha Islands in China since.

China claims that in , China’s Map Verification Committee declared sovereignty over islands, reef and shoals in the South China Sea, when Scarborough Shoal was listed as a part of what China today calls Zhongsha Islands. History. Following being given approval by the State Council on 24 March , the "Guangdong Province Paracels, Spratlys, and Zhongsha Islands Authority" was established as a county-level administrative division on Woody Island (Yongxing Dao).

Mar 02,  · b) Yearbook of the World published in Japan in says that Chinese territory includes not only the mainland, but also Hainan Island, Taiwan, Penghu Islands as well as the Dongsha, Xisha, Zhongsha and Nansha Islands on the South China Sea. Posts about Zhongsha Islands written by rightways.

Recent Posts. China launches satellite for space-based free Internet broadband and free wifi worldwide December 23, ; US IP hacking allegations reach new depths in whimsical thinking December 22, ; China marks 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up with greater resolve to cope with ‘unimaginable’ perils December 19, Sansha is a prefecture-level city of Hainan province of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

It is located on Woody island and administers (actually or nominally) several island groups and undersea atolls in the South China Sea including the Spratly Islands, the Paracel Islands, Macclesfield Bank, Scarborough Shoal, and a number of other ungrouped maritime features.

Zhongsha islands
Zhongsha Islands