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I prefer to remain anonymous so no photos. You can call me Peg. It started with a complete digestive system crash and the sudden onset of a lot of food intolerances. Basically it went like this: I cut out sugar, processed foods, caffeine except green teagrains and beans and lost 30 pounds throughout the spring.


In the summer I started doing bodyweight exercises and moved into weight write a short testimonial by fall. I had dropped 70 pounds total, gained muscle I never had before and basically felt the best I ever had in my life.

After I started seriously weight training I got cocky about my progress and robust health and returned to eating some of the things I had previously given up, telling myself that it was ok, I would just work it off in the gym.

It started with ice cream a couple times a week and moved into bread, cookies, pie, cake and other treats. Write a short testimonial brevity; over the winter I began to experience more and more fatigue and frequent bouts of constipation and bloating that became so extreme I looked three months pregnant!

I wrote this all off as the effects of winter, being cold, less sun, etc. I had to sleep early at night and nap during the day.

My mind was foggy and unclear most of the time. I lost all the muscle I had build up as any exertion at all exhausted me for days. Over the past couple of years I have gone through waves of improvement and then crashes. I took supplements, herbs, teas and amino acids by the boatload.

With all the supplements I wound up feeling good this past winter it is early May as I write this and got cocky again and thought I could eat sweets. I crashed badly and set myself all the way back to the beginning, giving me a really bad summer and a difficult winter struggling to pull myself back out of the pit of fatigue and weakness.

It helped considerably and I started feeling better but started to experience some extreme hunger so started eating again. I tried to add food back slowly but soon found myself overeating and consuming around calories a day.

And my digestion was failing again.

write a short testimonial

The information I learned in the stories I read struck a chord in me and I knew this is what I needed to do. Zero carb journey In the beginning: When I started a month and a half ago I decided to cut out anything that was not from the animal kingdom so no more coconut oil.

I ate chicken thighs, bacon, rotisserie turkey, ground turkey with chicken or bacon fat pork tenderloin, steak, and a lot of eggs. For fats I ate chicken fat, tallow, bacon fat and ghee.

I tried eating cheese for the first couple of days but realized it made me feel more hungry and was screwing with my digestive system and creating mucus I was so sad! After about a week I also cut out eggs because I believed they were making me more hungry and giving me a tendency to overeat.

I feel better without them though I miss them sometimes and I was right; they were making me overeat for some reason. As time went on I tried to focus on eating more beef. I came to realize that I digest it better when it is not well done and came to enjoy it quite a bit.

In fact, after a couple of weeks I started to feel like I was eating the best thing I ever ate every time I had beef! In the beginning I was cooking some of my food in ghee and eating chicken skins fried in chicken fat. After awhile the ghee started to turn me off so I stopped eating it, and I was getting stomach aches and diarrhea whenever I had chicken skin or fat.

I would feel really nauseous about an hour or two after eating and have to lay down for a couple of hours. I then began to realize that any extra fat was giving me stomach aches and diarrhea too.

I was in a conundrum about the fat. On the one hand I knew that I needed to get the majority of calories from fat but on the other hand, too much fat seemed to give me the runs. I came across some information about eating beef raw and fat raw as well so I looked up ideas for raw fat and came across suet.

What I eat now: After 6 weeks of experimentation I now eat raw beef cheapest steaks and ground beefraw suet and low sodium bacon as a treat. I discovered early on that I digested my beef better when it was cooked less and finally got brave enough to try it raw. It changed my life! Raw beef mixed with chopped raw suet makes me feel good, drastically cut down on my stomach aches and regulated my bowels.Trifold Brochure Writing Tips Tips for preparing text.

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The bifold, tripanel brochure, often given the misnomer "trifold", is constructed by folding a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper twice to create 3 . Pithy, hook-laden, interesting, and detailed testimonials work like crazy inside your sales pitch to convince prospects to buy. However boring testimonials just put readers to sleep.

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write a short testimonial

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