Test taking strategies

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Test taking strategies

General Tips Before you Begin Preview the test before you answer anything. This gets you thinking about the material. Make sure to note the point value of each question.

Test taking strategies

This will give you some ideas on budgeting your time. Quickly calculate how much time you should allow for each section according to the point value. Do a mind dump. Using what you saw in the preview, make notes of anything you think you might forget.

Write down things that you used in learning the material that might help you remember. Outline your answers to discussion questions.

Taking a Test Read Test taking strategies directions. Can more than one answer be correct? Are you penalized for guessing? Never assume that you know what the directions say. Answer the easy questions first. This will give you the confidence and momentum to get through the rest of the test.

You are sure these answers are correct. Try not to spend too much time on one question. Go back to the difficult questions. While looking over the test and doing the easy questions, your subconscious mind will have been working on the answers to the hardest ones.

Also, later items on the test might give you useful or needed information for earlier items.

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Answer all questions unless you are penalized for wrong answers. Ask the instructor to explain any items that are not clear. Do not ask for the answer, but phrase your question in a way that shows the instructor that you have the information but are not sure what the question is asking for.

Try to remember what the instructor emphasized and felt was important. Use the margin to help you figure out if the question does not seem clear or if the answer seems ambiguous. Circle key words in difficult questions. This will force you to focus on the central point.

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Express difficult questions in your own words. Use all of the time allotted for the test. If you have extra time, cover up your answers and actually rework the question. Essay Exams Guidelines for taking an essay exam Make sure you are ready for the test both mentally and physically.

Listen carefully to the final instructions of the teacher. How much time do you have to complete the test? Do all the questions count equally? Are there any corrections, changes, or additions to the test? Begin the test immediately and watch the time carefully.

Read all the essay questions carefully, paying special attention to the key words. Ask the teacher to clarify any question you may not understand. Rephrase the question into the central idea for your essay answer. Think before you write.

Jot down all the important information and work it into a brief outline. Do this on the back of the test sheet or on a piece of scrap paper. Use a logical pattern of organization and a strong topic sentence for each paragraph.

Write concisely without using abbreviations or nonstandard language.Test-taking strategies for students to maximize their performance on standardized tests. 5 Best Sites to Help Students Prepare for the SATs A list of free websites for students to prepare for the SATs. Test-Taking Strategies – Common Questions 2 2.

Start with what you know.

Test taking strategies

This will often give you a more clear focus than trying to answer questions you don’t know. Test Taking Tips My favorite tip: Self-test before the exam and time yourself, just like a real test.

I’m True/False Test Tips 1. % qualifiers are usually false statements.

Always arrive early and take a moment to relax

no, never, none, every, always, all, only, entirely 2. Qualifiers that fall between extremes are usually true. These strategies will help students develop test-taking skills that strengthen vocabulary, improve reading comprehension, and enhance language arts mechanics.

Each strategy described below is intended to be used as a suggestion for independent practice. I . Test Preparation & Test Taking Skills.

As much as most people dislike it, you will take many, many tests while in school. What starts as maybe a simple spelling test in first grade, ends up turning into more complicated tests in high school or college.

Enhance and Improve Your Test Taking Skills! Part One: Test Taking Techniques for Multiple Choice Tests. There are nine different techniques listed on the left of this home page.

Click on each technique to lead you to a very brief description of each technique; Some techniques teach you how to find the correct answer.

Study Skills: Effective Test Taking Strategies