Student essay view of 2nd amendment

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Student essay view of 2nd amendment

What IS a well-regulated militia? Daily Kos These varying opinions exposed in the above links represent the views of American society on this question. However we would like to simplify at least the historic context of the term when it was ratified by the States as the Second Amendment.

First, none of us could disagree that the term "well" means simply "good". Second, while some disagree as to whether all people or certain volunteers in the National Guard are the "militia", all can accept the fact that this is some assembly of citizen soldiers.

Finally, this leaves us with the ambiguation regarding the word "regulated". We know that Student essay view of 2nd amendment is basically a verb or an action that is in the past, meaning it has been completed or has been done.

In the context of the protected right, its safe to say that "A well [blank] militia" is the resulting act completed by "the right of the people to keep and bear arms".

A Well Regulated Militia?

Hence, we must ask which definition of "regulate" would be the effect of the people bearing arms? Here are some definitions for the word, "regulate": Well, I guess you could simply say that since the people are the enforcers of law, that the fact that they armed, would enforce that the militia is governed by the rules that they make, since they have the guns.

You might also say that we should read only that everybody should have arms in order to meet the obligations necessary should you be called forth according to the rules governing the militia, which makes it good.

If we consider the second definition, its quite plain to see how everyone having arms would mean the militia would be in good order and in fact brought into uniformity, as to what makes a good fighting force, being one which has the effective means to conduct militant actions.

In every one of these definitions however, there is no doubt that it involved the people being armed, making it hard for any common sense evaluation of the clause that the government can pick and chose who can or can not be armed. In fact, the words "shall not infringe" could never be more clear as to the intent of the Amendment.

Simply, that the government can not break this law. So, if the government broke this law, the militia would not be well regulated, and the States would not be able to secure freedom.

Since the Second Amendment is well known to have the purpose of protecting rights, its practical to assume that those rights would have the intent and the design to secure those rights, and that rights are freedoms. This Amendment therefore says that this freedom is protected by all of the people who can bear arms in order to secure this liberty, providing them with the capability to doing so.

This capability is what makes the militia in good proper order and uniformity, thus the riddle behind the meaning is fully resolved. A "Well Regulated" American Militia is the entire population free to possess arms in order to secure the liberty of the place in which they live, in their own homes, in their communities across each State and ultimately encompassing the entire nation.

Without any Amendment to the contrary, this means that the militia must contain every person capable of bearing arms.

Amendment II

Just who is capable or authorized? The people, which are every individual which make up each one of these United States, who in accordance with the rights granted by the laws of nature and force of arms may fully execute their sovereign authority over their domain to secure liberty, period!As a statement of what the law is, this is flat wrong: The courts have not, to date, interpreted the Second Amendment beyond the right of (in Stephens’s phrase) “owning a handgun for self.

The Second Amendment which guaranteed the right of the people to keep and bear arms was ratified on December 15, It was the time when there was a high . Motivational essay topic life being student essay of life pdf Essay about my travel quora The X-Ray view of Cricket. By 4 years ago 4 years ago.


I. The Politics Of Interpreting The Second Amendment

Cric Blog. Second amendment musket argumentative essays Second amendment musket argumentative essays. Literary Analysis.

Student essay view of 2nd amendment

THE UNABRIDGED SECOND AMENDMENT. "The text of the Second Amendment is, 'A well-regulated Militia, being necessary for the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.' registered voters with a high-school diploma?". The Right To Keep And Bear Arms - Student Essay By Anonymous yr old writing her essay for 8th grade English class In , the founders of the United States wrote, "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to .

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