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Slayage online essays

This mystical calling endows her with powers that dramatically increase physical strength, endurance, agility, accelerated healing, intuition, and a limited degree of clairvoyanceusually in the form of prophetic dreams.

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She has returned from death twice and is known as a reluctant hero who wants to live a normal life. However, she learns to embrace her destiny as the vampire slayer. Giles, rarely referred to by his first name it is later revealed that in his misspent younger days he went by "Ripper"is a member of the Watchers' Councilwhose job is to train and guide the Slayers.

Giles researches the supernatural creatures that Buffy must face, offers insights into their origins and advice on how to defeat them, and helps her stay in fighting form.

Buffy is also helped by friends she meets at Sunnydale High: Willow is originally a wallflower who excels at academics, providing a contrast to Buffy's outgoing personality and less-than-stellar educational record. They share the social isolation that comes with being different, and especially from being exceptional young women.

As the series progresses, Willow becomes a more assertive character and a powerful witch, and comes out as a lesbian. In contrast, Xander, with no supernatural skills but very athletic, provides comic relief and a grounded perspective.

It is Xander who often provides the heart to the series, and in season six, becomes the hero in place of Buffy who defeats the " Big Bad. The cast of characters grew over the course of the series.

Slayage: The Journal of Whedon Studies - The Whedon Studies Association

Buffy first arrives in Sunnydale with her mother, Joyce Summers portrayed by Kristine Sutherlandwho functions as an anchor of normality in the Summers' lives even after she learns of Buffy's role in the supernatural world " Becoming, Part Two ".

A vampire tortured with a soul in return for horrific deeds committed in the past to many, including a young gypsy girl and her family, Angel portrayed by David Boreanazis Buffy's love interest throughout the first three seasons.

He leaves Buffy as he believes he isn't good enough for her. He goes on to make amends for his sins and to search for redemption in his own spin-off, Angel.

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He makes several guest appearances in the remaining seasons, including the last episode. At Sunnydale High, Buffy meets several other students besides Willow and Xander willing to join her fight for good, an informal group eventually tagged the " Scooby Gang " or "Scoobies.

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne Seth Greena fellow student, rock guitarist and werewolf, joins the group through his relationship with Willow. Jenny Calendar Robia LaMorteSunnydale's computer science teacher, joins the group after helping destroy a demon trapped in cyberspace during season 1.

She later becomes Giles' love interest. Anya Emma Caulfielda former vengeance demon Anyanka who specialized in avenging scorned women, becomes Xander's lover after losing her powers and joins the group in season four.

Although Faith initially fights on the side of good with Buffy and the rest of the group, she comes to stand against them and sides with Mayor Richard Wilkins Harry Groener after accidentally killing a human in season three. She reappears briefly in the fourth season, looking for vengeance, and moves to Angel where she voluntarily goes to jail for her murders.

Faith reappears in season seven of Buffy, after having helped Angel and his crew, and fights alongside Buffy against The First Evil.

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Buffy gathers other allies: Spike James Marstersa vampire, is an old companion of Angelus Angel and one of Buffy's major enemies in early seasons, although they later become allies and lovers.Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an American supernatural drama television series based off the film of the same is created by Joss Whedon under his production tag, Mutant Enemy Productions, with later co-executive producers being Jane Espenson, David Fury, David Greenwalt, Doug Petrie, Marti Noxon, and David Solomon..

The . In the winter of , beginning with Volume 7, Issue 3, Slayage became The Journal of the Whedon Studies Association rather than The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies. In the summer of , the name was once again changed to better reflect the nature of .

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slayage online essays
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