Operation paper clip

Inthe Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency was established with direct responsibility for effecting Operation Paperclip. Following the failure of the German invasion of the Soviet Union codenamed Operation Barbarossaand to a lesser extent the entry of the U. As a result, Germany began efforts in spring to recall scientists and technical personnel from combat units to places where their skills could be used in research and development:

Operation paper clip

Operation Backfire, organized by the British authorities immediately after the end of hostilities in Europe, was designed to completely evaluate the entire V-2 assembly, interrogate German personnel specialized in all phases of it, and then actually launch several missiles across the North Sea.

Following the successful conclusion of the tests, the War Office in London issued a 5-volume report detailing these operations.

The race to discover and capture the secrets of the German missile began even before the hostilities in Europe ended. Third Armored Division, entered Nordhausen. Here CCB was to pause and link up with the U.

Several miles further, as they approached the foothills of the Harz Mountains, American troops discovered Dora and the entrances to the Mittelwerk tunnels. When walking into the first long tunnel, they were stunned to see railway freight cars loaded with V-2s and the thousands of finished and unfinished parts and assemblies.

When word came of the incredible find, U. Its purpose would be the evacuation of complete V-2s and specialized parts back to the United States. To support his mission, Toftoy had organized special rapid-response Ordinance Technical Intelligence teams attached to each Army group.

These teams organized the available specialists in the field to quickly address the task given to them. Download 5 Volumes of Operation Backfire These teams were equipped with cameras, radios, transport trucks, and qualified personnel whose job it was to ferret out interesting weapons technology and record it.

He was assisted by Major William Bromley in charge of technical operations and by Dr. Louis Woodruff, an MIT electrical engineering professor, as special advisor. The team was headquartered in Fulda, about 80 miles southwest of Nordhausen.

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After rounding up captured German rolling stock and clearing a path into the tunnels, Special Mission V-2 succeeded in loading up and sending off its first car trainload of V-2 parts and machine equipment on May 22, Nine days later, the last of the rail cars left the Mittelwerk bound for Antwerp.

Although the British properly protested that by prior agreement, half the captured V-2s were to be turned over to them, the Americans ignored these protests. Sixteen Liberty ships, bearing the components for V-2 rockets, finally sailed from Antwerp, destined for New Orleans and then White Sands.

Hamill was not told that the factory would be in the Soviet zone of occupation. Consequently, quite a number of missile parts were left for the Soviets to discover. Major Robert Staver from the Rocket Section of the Research and Development branch of the Ordinance Office was tasked in directing the effort to find and interrogate the German rocket specialists who had built the V Since April 30 he had been in the Nordhausen area searching the smaller laboratories for V-2 technicians.Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America [Annie Jacobsen] on benjaminpohle.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The author of the acclaimed bestseller Area 51 reveals the explosive dark secrets behind America's post-WWII science programs. In the chaos following World War II. Offiziere in Nazideutschland und amerikanische Ehrenbürger: Die Mondpioniere um Wernher von Braun stehen für militärische Schuld, aber.

A fter WWII ended in , victorious Russian and American intelligence teams began a treasure hunt throughout occupied Germany for military and scientific booty.

Operation paper clip

They were looking for things like new rocket and aircraft designs, medicines, and electronics. But they were also hunting down the most precious "spoils" of all: the scientists whose .

Dr. Georg von Tiesenhausen, the last of the German rocket scientists who was part of Dr. Wernher von Braun's moon rocket team, died at his Huntsville residence Sunday night, people close to the. Operation Paperclip: When The CIA Recruited Nazis And War Criminals To Work For The U.S.

Government. Operation Paperclip was the codename under which the US intelligence and military services extricated scientists from Germany, during and after the final stages of World War II.

Operation paper clip

The project was originally called Operation Overcast, and is sometimes also known as Project Paperclip.

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