National strategies app writing assessment guidelines

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National strategies app writing assessment guidelines

Individuals should apply this guidance to each set of circumstances and decide what to do in practice. Police and the media Defining speaking terms All parties should understand in advance the terms on which a briefing or conversation with the media is taking place.

Always assume that a conversation is reportable unless expressly agreed otherwise in advance. All communications should be on this basis unless exceptional circumstances apply.

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A quote in a media release should be attributed to a named spokesperson where appropriate and possible. Non-reportable Information provided to the media on the basis by prior agreement that it is for guidance only and not for publication or broadcast.

It can be used to provide further context around a statement. This enables the police to have a dialogue with the media about serious or sensitive policing issues without generating publicity about them. Properly used, this may be a valuable resource in the context of an established, trusting and professional relationship.

Where non-reportable information is shared, it is good practice, where appropriate, for police to work with the media to find a way to allow it to be reported.

The officer or a communications officer should record the subject or subjects discussed. This record should include a note of why it is non-reportable. Embargoed Information shared on the understanding it is not to be published or broadcast until after a specified event or time. National strategies app writing assessment guidelines is often used when the media are briefed in advance of proactive crime operations.

Media relations

A decision to set an embargo should be recorded. The corporate communications department Corporate communications departments or in some forces, directorates or departments for media or communications services offer a specialist resource for professional advice and support on communications and media engagement.

Corporate communications departments CCDsmay be able to offer advice, background or key messages to assist officers and staff engaging with media. Following an interview or briefing, CCDs should also be kept informed so they are prepared to receive further requests for information on an issue.

In some situations such as a high-profile inquiry or sensitive investigation there will be a pre-existing media strategy to ensure that media engagement supports the operational approach. If in doubt of this, officers and staff are encouraged to check with the CCD before speaking to the media.

Police officers at all levels are expected to have some contact with the media as a routine part of the job. CCDs will not be involved in all media engagement but are there as a source of specialist support and advice.

Contact can be facilitated through CCDs. Attendance at media interviews While CCDs will not be involved in all media interaction, it may support engagement if a communications officer is present for media interviews where the subject: Recording contact with the media Chief officers should record all their contact with the media where policing matters are discussed.

This record should be publically available. A brief record that the conversation has taken place and its subject matter is sufficient. Informal or chance meetings where work-related issues are not discussed need not be recorded.

Where another officer or member of staff meets with a media representative, takes part in an interview or provides information verbally or in writing for a matter for which they are responsible, it is good practice for a similar unpublished record to be kept.

The College of Policing has published national guidance on reporting concerns in consultation with the independent whistleblowing charity Public Concern at Work. This guidance states that, if a person reporting a concern wishes to remain anonymous, they should be able to do so. The guidance can be found here.

national strategies app writing assessment guidelines

Managing inaccurate or misleading media coverage Inaccurate or misleading media coverage can be extremely damaging to an organisation or an individual. CCDs may address inaccuracies or misleading coverage by: Following the guidance outlined and working with the media to be open and transparent in communications will help reduce inaccuracies in reporting.

High-profile or sensitive investigations or operations In general, the same guidance applies to high-profile or sensitive cases as other investigations or operations. In some cases, such as those involving serious crimes, investigations into celebrities or prominent public figures, security, terrorism or major incidents, plans and procedures already exist or strategies will be developed to cope with media interest.

If so, information should be released when appropriate as agreed in the investigations or operations strategy. Media strategies should be agreed at senior operational level and include the appointment of a dedicated police spokesperson. This can provide the gold commander or senior investigating officer SIO with assurance that other police officers or staff will not divulge information that goes beyond the agreed media strategy and could compromise the investigation or operation.

A high-profile investigation or operation should have a specific communications officer assigned to it in support of the media strategy. All media strategies and media-related decisions should be logged so that, in the event of a change of staff, the communications officer can be easily briefed.

The media strategy should make clear who is designated as media spokesperson and it should be distributed to officers and staff from the outset through team briefings and the recording of entries in decision logs.

All media statements in high-profile investigations should receive approval by the SIO or gold commander before release.NHTSA Press Releases. Press Release Location Release Date ; Consumer Advisory: Protect Children Traveling To and From School. Browse by Topic. Find books in subject areas that are of interest to you.

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