Myciti business plan 2012 nfl

The following projects are a selection of major projects performed my Andrew Bulman: Assistance to the cities of Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ethekwini to analyse and improve the operational efficiencies of their Bus Rapid Transit systems. Detailed analysis of the MyCiTi operations in order to maximise efficiencies and reduce expenditure. This included an assessment of profitability for each route based on patronage, revenue and operating costs for peak and off-peak periods, followed by recommended moderation interventions accompanied by quantified potential cost savings for each intervention and an assessment of feasibility.

Myciti business plan 2012 nfl

Predominantly white, wealthy residents live in the City Bowl and myciti business plan 2012 nfl the slopes of Table Mountain to the West and far to the South. Cape Town exhibits a stark polarity between blackness, poverty and dispersal on one hand, and whiteness, wealth and centrality on the other. Each of the disconnects that so vividly mark the physical city are traceable to institutional, political and market failures that are harder to pinpoint but no less real in their effects.

However, where these disconnections have been entrenched and ingrained in the social and physical landscape of the city, opportunities and future prospects for connection also become apparent.

The emphasis of urban designers and those who shape the built environment must then lie in directing cities from a state of disconnection towards meaningful connection.

From broken institutions emerge broken spaces The current trajectory of South African cities is, in part, towards sprawl and exclusive growth [i] and away from sustainable densities and inclusion. This trajectory is, however, not due to a lack of policy and research.

The problem begins with the lack of alignment between the interests of planners, developers and elected representatives. Additionally, property developers remain substantially free to repeat the kind of car-centric development that has proven most profitable since the rise of the myciti business plan 2012 nfl motorcar.

Elected representatives must drive a hard bargain against developers, but financial and commercial naivety often prevents this. The system as it is currently conceived is good at reproducing the status quo of rapidly delivered greenfield housing, typically far from opportunity and of mixed quality.

Most often, it is the planning profession that is left to argue for the interests of stakeholders yet to be born or consequences that will only manifest over decades.

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Despite this bleak prognosis, good projects happen. The success stories tend to share certain attributes: The coincidence of all three factors is rarer than it might be.

Strategic Plan - 5. STRATEGIC CONTENT An overview of the operating environment in which BSA conducts business. BSA History The Barwon Sports Academy is a key initiative of the G21 Sport and Recreation Pillar working in. This challenge is elaborated on in the October Business Plan for the MyCiTi bus system, which acknowledges that building bridges between urban planning and public transport “can result in significant operational savings and enhanced urban efficiencies”. May 15,  · I live in Milnerton, Cape Town and for months there have been roadworks along Koeberg Road from Racecourse Road to Montague Drive. This is all to do with making bus lanes for the MyCiti .

Odendaal identifies several changes that need to be made if planning professions are to become more empowered and their advocacy more successful. The first of these is a higher degree of fluency in the quantitative aspects of city planning: This constituency would be able to fund its own expert commentators and lobby for its own long-term interests, while articulating the voice that is so deafeningly silent in planning debates.

Where issues of infrastructure, or commercial development projects, are discussed, current rules favour the participation of immediately affected residents, the city, planning professionals and developers.

Local residents feel the costs in disruption and loss of open space strongly while the benefits, which may be greater, accrue evenly to a larger number of people. This creates a classic problem of economics in which the return on opposing a project is great because a few people pay a large individual cost while the return on promoting a project is small because an enormous group receive a very small individual benefit.

In this way, value is destroyed for cities and regions.

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The MyCiti integrated rapid-transit system, when fully integrated with density zoning and land-use planning over time, is intended to radically alter the fabric of the city. However, the system risks years of delay and the compromise of its routes due to the fact that the poor and spatially marginal, who most stand to benefit from it, are least able to contribute formally to the public participation process.

Turok points out that the quantified demand for housing in densification schemes in central Cape Town for example, should be a key informant of planning projections from the start [vi]. Building connections between people and economic growth Economic growth prospects towards in Cape Town are expected to average just 3.

This, coupled with an unemployment rate of In response to the crisis created by slow regional growth and the severe mismatch between the lack of skills of the unemployed and the shortage of specialist and high-skilled labour, and in pursuit of an inclusive, resilient economy, there are no easy answers.

There are only local, small-scale answers and a necessity to experiment and start from first principles.

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Recent wage strikes and conflicts in De Doorns, a farming community in the Cape Winelands, and other farming areas have brought the challenges facing the agriculture sector to breaking point.

The protests there were an acute example of opportunistic local politics exacerbating a global sectoral problem — the increasing mechanization of agriculture in a context of shrinking demand for unskilled workers in South Africa.

Many of the issues facing the sector are beyond the resources and scope of any one stakeholder or level of government to resolve.

The FARE process is open-ended and non-partisan, without defined outcomes except information.

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All other outcomes are secondary to the production of knowledge of the interests and perspectives of all stakeholders, especially some of those least likely to articulate a position in a public, formal way e.

However, and importantly, the gulf between stakeholders whose views and interests are known farmers, government and those whose views are either unknown, or known only through spokespersons who may or may not represent the broader view representatives of seasonal labouris to be bridged through discussion and consultation.

myciti business plan 2012 nfl

The hitherto fragmented debate on the spatial future of Cape Town might now be overhauled into an organised body of knowledge that valorises lived experience and measures the long-term consequences of the effects of spatial inclusion and exclusion.

Consequently, the VPUU has proof of what people want for their own neighbourhoods, in their own words.

The polling process thereby turns urban planners from the authors of space to the editors of a clearly articulated demand for space. The result is that the planning profession is on firmer ground when it must defend the integrity of a project from the competing interests and timeframes of the private sector and of elected representatives.

Building connections between people, place and opportunity through investment in public transport infrastructure will likely be the lead cause of the most fundamental restructuring of the spatial landscape in Cape Town in decades, affording the city an opportunity to re-shape and re-wire for the future.The MyCiTi Business Plan2 indicated a projected southbound travel demand of 3, passengers per peak hour per direction (pax/hr/dir) at the system’s maximum load point (CoCT, ).

free campus that includes two gyms, an Olympic sized pool, indoor and Chapter 2: Developing a Strategic Sport Marketing Plan from Marketing for Sport Business Success. The MyCiTi Business Plan for Phase 1A has undergone a number of revisions and public comment processes, and was adopted by the City of Cape Town Council meeting on 27 October It has been replaced by the MyCiTi Business Plan above.

Purpose and outline of the document PurposeThis document sets out the updated business plan for MyCiTi Phases 1A, 1B and N2 Expresswith:Business Plan: MyCiTi Phase 1A, 1B and N2 Express (V) 17th September 4 • a summary of the main parameters of the project.

Point of departure We are not against IRT/BRT – every bus operators dream It is the most efficient bus service It is the Rolls Royce of bus services First proper investment in public transport Lifted the media profile of public transport. Summary: Provision of support to City of Cape Town officials managing the MyCiTi BRT system including vehicle fleet procurement and maintenance, electronic tracking, law enforcement, business KPIs, timetable development, invoice verification, contractual advice, system analysis, operational signage and management of operators.

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