Love and bravery of the main characters in the book volsung saga

Sigi and Rerir The saga begins with a man named Sigi, who, it is said, was a son of Odin. Sigi went hunting with a thrall named Bredi. When Bredi returned with a greater kill, Sigi grew angry and killed him, then buried the body in a snowdrift. Through his successful raids, Sigi became a powerful king, ruling over Hunland.

Love and bravery of the main characters in the book volsung saga

It is largely based on epic poetry of the historic Elder Edda. The earliest known pictorial representation of this tradition is the Ramsund carvingSwedenwhich was created c. The origins of the material are considerably older, however, and it in part echoes real events in Central Europe during the Migration Periodchiefly the destruction of the Kingdom of the Burgundians by the Huns in the fifth century.

On the other hand, the only manuscript of the saga, Ny kgl.

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Contents[ edit ] The saga can be divided into five phases: After much adventuring, Sigi settles down to rule over the Huns.

In the ensuing battle, Sigi is killed and his in-laws take over the kingdom. After many years, Rerir becomes ill and dies, and shortly thereafter his wife gives birth to their son, Volsung.

Love and bravery of the main characters in the book volsung saga

Volsung grows up and marries Hljod, the daughter of a giant. Volsung and Hljod have eleven children, the two eldest being the twins Sigmund and Signy.

This triggers a series of revenge killings, beginning with Siggeir luring King Volsung and his sons into a trap. Volsung is killed, and his sons put in stocks. Over the course of several nights, all of his sons save Sigmund are killed by a she-wolf.

He is saved by his sister Signy, who then helps Sigmund make a hiding place in the woods. As time goes on, Signy has two sons by Siggeir. She sends her boys to Sigmund to help him avenge the death of the Volsungs. Signy then tricks her brother Sigmund into sleeping with her, and their son Sinfljoti who has nothing but Volsung blood becomes a powerful man raised with only one purpose: As an old man, Sigmund marries Hjordis, the daughter of King Eylimi.

In the aftermath, Hjordis finds her husband and he entrusts to her the shards of his sword, prophesying that they will be reforged someday for their yet unborn son.

He dies, and Hjordis is taken in by Alf, son of Hjalprek, king of Denmark. Shortly thereafter she gives birth to Sigurd, her son by Sigmund.

Love and bravery of the main characters in the book volsung saga

Sigurd enters the forest looking for a horse and meets Odin, who gives him Graniwho is descended from Sleipnirand better than any other horse.

Regin entices Sigurd to go after the dragon Fafnir so he can become rich. Then Regin tells Sigurd a story: His father Hreidmar had three sons: Otr was an otter-like fisherman, Fafnir large and fierce, and Regin himself was skilled with ironwork. King Hreidmar finds out and demands they fill and cover the skin with gold.

Fafnir later kills his father, hides the body, and takes all the treasure and ring to his hoard. He turns into an evil dragon, and Regin became a smith for the king.

Regin makes two swords one after another for Sigurd, but they break when he tests them. Sigurd tests it and splits the iron anvil down to its base, and promises to kill Fafnir after he avenges his father. First he goes to the soothsayer Gripir and asks about his fate. Gripir tells him after some hesitation, and Sigurd returns to Regin, saying he must avenge his father and other kinsmen before he kills Fafnir.Project Gutenberg's The Story of the Volsungs, (Volsunga Saga), by Anonymous This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost .

Its spelling, like "idyllic", is a reminder that idylls often contain very idealistic settings, characters, and story lines (usually romantic, fantasy stories). Galahad Sir Galahad is known as the purest of the knights and he eventually decides to pursue the Holy Grail Quest.

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Völsunga saga, or Saga of the Volsungs, is an Icelandic Legendary Saga, easily the single most prominent work of that was composed in the late 13th century (though the only extant manuscript dates from c.

). Like most of the Icelandic sagas, it is of anonymous authorship. The Volsunga Saga can be divided into two or three parts: The first part was the ancestors of Sigurd, particularly about Sigmund (Sigurd's father) and Signy, children of Volsung.

The second part is about Sigurd, the central character of the Völsunga Saga. The Völsunga saga (often referred to in English as the Volsunga Saga or Saga of the Völsungs) is a legendary saga, a late 13th century Icelandic prose rendition of the origin and decline of the Völsung clan (including the story of Sigurd and Brynhildr and destruction of the Burgundians).

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