Law school applications

At that time, admission did not require even a high school diploma.

Law school applications

University, college or degree-granting institution: Please list academic or scholastic honors you have received including prizes, scholarships, fellowships or memberships in academic honor societies: Please list bar admissions or other professional qualifications to practice law: Please list any publications and lectures given: Please list any other professional or academic activities: Please list any public service, pro bono activities or work done for registered charities or NGOs: Please answer the following questions: Has your college, university, graduate or professional school course of study been interrupted for any reason during one or more terms?

Yes No Have you ever been suspended, expelled or required to withdraw from any academic program for scholastic or other reasons? Yes Have any professional or academic disciplinary charges been brought against you?

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Yes Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense other than a minor traffic infraction? Yes No If you have ever served on full-time active military duty, was your discharge under conditions other than honorable?

Transcripts from every college, university, professional school or other institute of higher education you have attended. Please upload your file in. First letter of recommendation Please upload your file in. Second letter of recommendation Please upload your file in.

Personal statement Please upload your file in. Writing sample Please upload your file in. Please be sure that all instructions have been followed.

Applications are considered by the Graduate Admissions Committee only after they are fully completed and all supporting documents have been received. For further information, please call I consent to such disclosure.

I understand and agree that my admission, enrollment and continuance on the rolls of Pace University School of Law are subject to all rules, regulations and codes of conduct in force and applicable to law students at the aforesaid law school.

I certify that all information provided by me in this application and its supporting documents is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. While this application is active, and during my enrollment at Pace Law School, I shall promptly give written notification to the Office of Graduate Programs of any change in any of the facts set forth in this application and its supporting documents.New York Law School's values focus our approach and are reflected in our teaching, service to students, and conduct as an institution of higher learning.

APPLY NOW. Requirements for International Applicants. If you have a non-U.S. law degree, you may be eligible to apply via Advanced Admissions for Non-U.S.

Birmingham School of Law - Affordable Quality Legal Education Renovated init features a second-story reading room. The Law Library is open 90 hours per week and employs 11 full-time librarians and 11 additional managers and staff members.
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Lawyers. This program offers an accelerated path, allowing you to earn your JD in two years. An LSAT score is not required to apply . Apply Interested applicants must apply online through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).

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If you encounter any problems or experience difficulties with the online application, please contact an LSAC Candidate Service Representative at or Technical Support at Law School Admissions Consulting The law school application process is arduous; you need to find the right program, draft countless essays, and orchestrate recommendations, to name a few things.

Your Kaplan consultant can utilize your unique experience, personal goals, and passion to help you make a convincing case for your admission. Law School General Scholarships, Grants & Tuition Discounts.

Law school applications

General law school awards are available to most students who satisfy specific award criterion. Funds are provided via the law school’s financial aid budget.

Therefore, funding is limited and is typically exhausted by the beginning of . An updated version of Law School Predictor is now slated for a November release. In related update news, an updated version of Med School Predictor is slated for November 25, release.

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