How to write a product analysis report

Word processor Analyze Choose a product to analyze. Either purchase a new product you already know will interest you or request a product from a distributor or the company for assessment; some companies give samples. Gather the messages delivered with the product, such as the marketing and promotional materials as well as any information that a salesperson or website offers.

How to write a product analysis report

Share on Facebook When you prepare a marketing strategy and after you implement it, you must analyze your assumptions, research and data. Use the same criteria for both tasks so you can compare your results with your initial assumptions.

how to write a product analysis report

You can write an effective marketing analysis report to propose strategies and measure their effectiveness by focusing on common factors related to your marketing. Step 1 Write a detailed description of your product or service, focusing on the benefits it offers rather than its features.

Describe what you are selling in terms of its need in the marketplace, the features consumers want and any similarities to and differences from what your competitors offer.

Any discussion of features should focus on how they affect demand and sales. Step 2 Present the demographics of your target customer. Start with traits such as age, sex, race, income level and marital and parental status. Look for combined traits of your primary customers to help justify your assumption that a certain group is your main target market.

For example, rather than reporting that most of your customers are women, determine if their common characteristic is that they are affluent, single or older women or if they are women with children.

Step 3 Address the unique selling proposition that will determine your brand or image in the marketplace. This might be a lower price, higher quality, superior customer service, ease of use, guarantee or other direct benefit the consumer will receive from you but not from your competitor.

Meet with management to determine what profit the product or service needs to return for it to be something the company wants to pursue. Calculate the effect of different prices on sales volume, the profit per unit and total profit.

Justify sales numbers using the prices of your competitors and the market share they have achieved at these prices. Step 5 Recommend specific distribution channels. Discuss the cost to use each channel, such as wholesalers, retailers, direct mail or online platforms.

Discuss potential sales volumes and profits from each distribution channel. Present the possible result that using certain distribution channels will have on your brand.

For example, online sales might make you more appealing to tech-savvy young people, while sales through boutique retailers might make you seem more upscale than if you sell in large retail outlets.

Step 6 Review the effects of product features, price levels, brand strategies and distribution channels on your sales volumes after you have had enough time to analyze how the product or service is performing. For a post-marketing analysis report, make specific recommendations for changes to each of these areas, if necessary.

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He is an internationally traveled sport science writer and lecturer.How to Write an Industry Analysis? In the last section, we learned how to do industry analysis and in this, we will see how to write one. Writing is also a required skill as you need to present all the findings within a written report in a concise and clear manner.

The Investopedia Below is an overview of the major sections to consider when writing a financial analysis report on a the technology industry is marked by short product life. Jun 20,  · To write a market analysis, use short paragraphs and include charts and graphs of your data.

You should craft a summary of what your company will add to the marketplace and put it at the beginning of your analysis%(35). How to Do Industry Analysis, Examples, Steps, Porter Model.

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by Avadhut Nigudkar. Write about similar products and services. Now, with the overview aside, move on the detailed analytical presentation of the specific industry. Have you ever thought of learning the skill of industry analysis and want to know how to write an industry report.

how to write a product analysis report

Writing product analysis entails assessing the product's function, conducting background research on the product and industry, and making an informed assessment and recommendation about the product's value and future in a well-organized report format.

Financial analysis reports contain a wealth of valuable information about a company. Here's an overview of the major sections to consider when writing and reading one.

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