How to become a kick ass

Kick-Ass character Dave Lizewski is a sixteen-year-old high school student, who decides to become a real-life superhero, despite having little-to-no fighting skills or training, and no super powers, he assumes the superhero role by fashioning a costume from a wetsuit bought on eBay. His initial attempt to stop a group of graffiti artists fails, and he gets beaten and stabbed, and then hit by a car. This has the side effect of giving him an unusually high tolerance for pain.

How to become a kick ass

Dave Lizewski was an otherwise ordinary New York City high school student. His mother died of a brain aneurysm and so Dave served as an anchor to reality for his loving single father.

However, Dave takes his interest in comic books as inspiration to become a real-life superhero. He assembles a suit and mask, which he wears under his normal clothing, and he begins his own personal training before attempting to fight crime, predictably leading to disastrous results as Dave is hospitalized following a stabbing and then being struck by a car.

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Telling his father he was mugged, he undergoes intense physical rehabilitation, including four operations. He is released weeks later, with metal plates all over his body and with his nerve endings having delayed reactions to pain, making him almost immune to conventional beatings.

In spite of considering giving up crime fighting, he soon goes back onto the streets. When he saves a man from a beating and fights off the attacking thugs, an onlooker records the incident and uploads it on YouTube, turning Lizewski into an overnight sensation dubbed with the name Kick-Ass.

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Genovese conflict Edit Kick-Ass later becomes the inspiration to hundreds of others, most of which are content to simply make web pages and costumes but with some actually going out and effectively fighting crime. Other superheroes Kick-Ass encounters are Hit-Girl and Big Daddywhose level of professionalism intimidates Kick-Ass and also serves to remind him just how serious crime fighting can be.

He retires for a little while until he becomes aware of another hero, Red Mistwho has become a sensation, even stealing the credit for being the first ever superhero. Kick-Ass subsequently leaves retirement, initially to challenge Red Mist, but instead they team up.

Kick-Ass bashes Chris's face with a chair leg. Red Mist, however, turns out to be the son of mob boss John Genovese and this leads to the death of Big Daddy and the torture of Kick-Ass at the hands of various gangsters. Before long, Kick-Ass is rescued by Hit-Girl and the two get their revenge on John Genovese, together bringing down his entire organization.

Kick-Ass threatens John Genovese with a gun, and shoots off his genitals through pure fluke, giving Hit-Girl an opening to kill John Genovese with a cleaver. Dave has a bad feeling about this, but agreed to meet Mindy at the safe house later.

Kick-Ass heads for the safe house wearing a coat and a scarf and, on his way, lends a homeless man some money since he kept begging. Once Kick-Ass reaches the safe house, Hit-Girl tells him to wear layers next time it's cold because his clothes could be a big disadvantage when it's time to fight.

Hit-Girl then gives Kick-Ass a tour of the safehouse and talks about her first mission with her father. Hit-Girl also tells Kick-Ass he needs some training, but she will only train him if he agrees to help train her on how to be a normal girl, Kick-Ass agrees, with that, Kick-Ass officially becomes Hit Girl's sidekick, taking an Oath of Truth and Justice.

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Kick-Ass's first training session has him and Mindy dressing up in rich fancy clothes to lure in thugs. Mindy times Kick-Ass seeing how long it would take for him to beat up the thugs. Next, Kick-Ass had to swing through a window into a building, but Kick-Ass says that it was too high so he starts off on a lower floor and has to swing through a window fifteen times.

After the training, Dave showed Mindy all the clothes, songs and shows girls her age were wearing and talking about. Later, while Dave is writing an article for CBR, Mindy calls him and tells him to get ready for their first mission. Before Dave leaves his apartment, his Dad tells him to take out the garbage, Once Dave is in his costume, he meets Hit Girl at the Hit Mobile and asks her if she has been practicing her lines for school.

Kick-Ass then asks Hit Girl why he is her sidekick when he's five years older then her, Hit Girl just counters by saying "They might as well call you Hit Boy.

Kick-Ass makes his entrance by swinging on a rope, breaking through a window, and saying his Entrance line "Did Somebody Order a Fucking Sandwich?

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Hit Girl enters the resturant and guns down all the henchmen, leaving Kick-Ass in shock because Hit Girl agreed not to kill anybody. Following this, Hit-Girl retires to lead a normal childhood, although she does train Kick-Ass to fight more effectively.

A team-up with new hero Doctor Gravity leads to Kick-Ass joining superhero team Justice Forever, where he meets numerous new heroes, including Battle Guywho turns out to be Kick-Ass' best friend, Marty.Kick-Ass is the main protagonist and the title character of the comic book series.

He is a superhero created by artist John Romita, Jr. and writer Mark Millar and published by Marvel Comics under the company's Icon imprint. However, Dave takes his interest in comic books as inspiration to become a real-life superhero. He assembles a suit. And each and every chapter is geared toward helping you become the kick-ass writer of your dreams.

Want a taste? Here are ten tips from Chuck’s chapter, “25 Ways to Be a . Kick-Ass is the main protagonist and the title character of the comic book is a superhero created by artist John Romita, Jr.

and writer Mark Millar and published by Marvel Comics under the company's Icon is the superhero identity of David "Dave" Lizewski.

Universal Pictures. Featured movies. The Man with the Iron Fists, Pitch Perfect, The Bourne Legacy, Identity Theif, Ted, Les Miserables, Mama, Savages, This is Kick-Ass is an American superhero comedy film series, based on the comic book of the same name by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.

Its premise is that teenager Dave Lizewski, being inspired by his interest in comic book superheroes, sets out to become a real-life superhero, calling himself "Kick-Ass", and joins forces with "Hit-Girl" and "Big Daddy" to keep the streets of New York City safe.

How to become a kick ass

Kick-Ass is a creator-owned comic book series written by Mark Millar and illustrated by John Romita Jr. It is published by Marvel Comics under the company's Icon imprint. It is the story of Dave Lizewski, a teenager who sets out to become a real life superhero. His actions are publicized on the Internet and inspire other people.

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