Behind every successful man there is a woman

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Behind every successful man there is a woman

Don't forget to confirm subscription in your email. Free Daily Quotes Subscribe Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you're doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness.

You can choose to not let little things upset you. Joel Osteen Share Every age has its storytelling form, and video gaming is a huge part of our culture.

You can ignore or embrace video games and imbue them with the best artistic quality. People are enthralled with video games in the same way as other people love the cinema or theatre.


Andy Serkis 31 Share Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices - today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.

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Kevyn Aucoin Share I wanted to be an independent woman, a woman who could pay for her bills, a woman who could run her own life - and I became that woman. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful.How do you define success is all up to you. Maybe it is having a big sports car, maybe it's having a lot of money, or by Behind every successful man there’s a woman Mumbai Mirror Though Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe's, popularity may have made him one of the most sought-after teenagers, he isn’t too happy about it.

Still, more likely than not, there is a man or two behind the woman; and, if there isn't now, there have been definite male role models at play, which made part of the woman you are now, and, it is likely that you are looking for the man to stand behind, and beside the woman.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman.

If I wanted to, I could work non-stop

Behind every dead man, there is Chuck Norris. Successful woman is a woman who can combine her career and family, find a balance between these 2 wide fields.

It’s a big job and not all cope with it. That’s why I definitely agree with your idea that behind every successful woman, there should be a supportive man.

Behind every successful man there is a woman

Hello Rimu, It's horrible to hear of the accomplishments that the aforementioned women have had little success from, in relation to the men who took their place, especially in the time periods whereby women were lowly disregarded.