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Freud mentions this type of dream several times in The Interpretation of Dreams a. The dreamer is embarrassed to see himself as an adult among much younger fellow students and obliged to retake an examination that he already passed a long time ago.

Article examination the one day in

Attending school nowadays is it still crucial? Reading and studying hard in order to pass one's exams are they still possible in this country? Being anxious about one's exams is it still prevailing among the students of this country? Our youths are no longer studying their books because miracles are happening in their various examination halls.

Examination malpractice has spontaneously dominated many of the Nigeria schools including private schools.

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Exam malpractice is among the serious problems and the worm that is plaguing our educational system nowadays.

Till date, examinations still remain the necessary tool for an objective assessment and evaluation of what learners have achieved after a period of schooling. The examination malpractice act explains examination malpractice as any act of omission or commission by a person who in anticipation of, before, during or after any examination fraudulently secure any unfair advantage for himself or any other person in such a manner that contravenes the rules and regulations to the extent of undermining the validity, reliability, authenticity of the examination and ultimately the integrity of the certificate issued.

Examination malpractice is any irregular behavior exhibited by a candidate or anybody charged with the conduct of examination before, during or after the examination that contravenes the rules and regulations governing the conduct of such examination.

Though examination malpractice is neither a recent phenomenon nor peculiar to Nigeria or Africa, the alarming rate of increase in examination malpractice in secondary schools in Nigeria calls for concern from all stakeholders in the education sector. The incidences of examination malpractice has become so widespread that there is virtually no examination anywhere at all levels and outside the formal school system without any form of shoddy practice or the other.

Examination malpractices are common everywhere and every examination season witnesses the emergence of new and ingenious ways of cheating. Examination malpractice Act no.

Article examination the one day in

Some of our students invent various subtle tricks in order to cheat during examination, but the question remains, who and who will eradicate examination malpractices among the students and their sponsors at large?

We proclaimed general election in Nigeria as free and fair, one wonders about our school examinations. When will these exams be free from malpractices. Who are the causes of examination malpractices?

The ransom paid to the mercenaries who write the exams for our students is paid by whom? The parents of course; many parents go to the extent of bribing their way through to ensure unearned grades for their wards. During the time of the exams WAEC, NECO etc is it not the parents that give their children students the money to relocate from their present school to a new school in search of miracles during the exams.

Many parents are the corrupt masters and mistresses of education in the country. They are the platform of examination malpractices among the student nowadays. Are they out to produce students who are relevant, efficient, productive, competitive and excel in every endeavors in life positively.

When the teachers abandon their responsibilities in the academic field, what will the students do? There is this saying that "When the teacher breaks the board, what will be the action of the student? If the teachers fail to implement the school curriculum as required, what will the students do rather than engage themselves in examination malpractices in order to pass their examination.

Many teachers encourage examination malpractices because they lack the zeal to work but want to be praised for job not done. What do you expect of a student who is insufficiently prepared to do in examination hall rather than to be cheating in order to pass examination?

Students nowadays are characterized by a heavy emphasis on desire for success and wealth without a corresponding emphasis on legitimate means and avenues to be used positively in achieving success.

Fourthly, Emphasis on certificate:An Examination Of Open Theism Erickson points out that we all know one day our parents will die and yet we still experience remorse when that sad day arrives.

65 It has also been suggested that word “repent” or “regret” in the niphal stem can carry the semantic meaning of “to experience emotional pain.

One of the themes present in Examination Day is Control of the state over individuals (Totalitarian government). Evidence is written in language features. The other theme i have decided to write about is the importance of intelligence in society/The limitations placed on intelligence.

Through the Sacrament of Reconciliation Jesus pours out the Holy Spirit, empowering young people to live holy lives. John’s words to young people can become a reality. He exhorted them: “I am writing to you, young people, because you have conquered the evil one. Cross examination: one fact one question.

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