An analysis of the benefits and discomforts of participating in student exchange programs

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An analysis of the benefits and discomforts of participating in student exchange programs

An analysis of the benefits and discomforts of participating in student exchange programs

These applications have led to new innovations for teaching and learning. Elementary education professors at a large southeastern College of Education conducted a study for the purpose of exploring student perceptions regarding the use of wikis in online instruction and potential uses for wikis in the K classroom as perceived by respondents.

Participants in the study were 40 students enrolled in 1 of 3 graduate level social studies methods courses. Data were collected using surveys and written reflections.

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Though students reported initial hesitation at learning a new technology, their overall experience using the wikis was positive. The students felt that wikis were a great collaboration tool. Principle themes that emerged from the data were the potential uses of wikis as instructional tools, potential uses for information dissemination, benefits or advantages to using wikis, and limitations regarding the use of wikis.

The authors provide a list of questions developed as a result of the study that, when used prior to implementing wikis as a learning tool, will minimize the limitations associated with their use.

The evolution of social software has allowed people to go beyond just reading static web pages and listservs to engaging in more interactive chat rooms and web pages. Now professors at universities are trying to incorporate these new versions of social software into their classrooms to meet the needs of the 21 st Century Learner.

Literature Survey Web 2. Social software is the major component of Web 2. Years later in as the internet became more entrenched, social technologies came into fruition. Time Magazine named You as the person of the year in in recognition of the exponential growth of users employing Web 2.

In these recent years, Web 2.

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These tools are focused on micro-content and openness both in the ideological sense of wisdom of the crowds and in the technological sense of collective authoring and participatory webbing Alexander, Wikis as part of Web 2. Ward Cunningham developed this collaborative Web 2.

As the allure of Web 2. Ben-Zvi posits that the ease of operation and interaction makes the wiki a useful tool for widespread collaborative authoring and communication. In the world of the wiki, users rely on the communication method of many-to-many.

This communication method is just one of the three primary communication methods that characterize social software applications. The other two communication methods are one-to-one communication including e-mail and instant messaging and one-to-many communication including web pages and blogs Minocha, et al.

The application of the many-to-many communication method provides for maximum collaboration and shared authoring. Howe further categorizes the types of processes within the Web 2. These categories are you make it, you name it, you work it, and you find it.

You make it refers to the sharing of information in that the user is a contributor of new knowledge. You name it references folksonomies where contributors develop tags for the information. You work it describes how contributors work together to develop collections of information.

You find it is indicative of contributors finding objects, trends, and overviews of other contributors. In a wiki, the user has the potential to interact with knowledge in all of these roles, thereby strengthening the collective authoring function. They enable students to collaborate in a space that is immediately updated Bold, The wiki is most commonly used in the classroom as a computer supported collaborative environment.

Because of their simple features, wikis can be appropriate for students and teachers at all levels. Each time a wiki is edited, a separate tracking feature makes note of what changes were made and who made those changes.

Wiki users can also create signatures to accompany any edits they make Augar, Raitman, and Zhou, Wikis can be used to facilitate ongoing, thought-provoking discussions about many topics over the course of semesters or academic years.Home; About Us.


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(one semester) programs of Russian language from to , provided information about the students' average age () and sex distribution: 58% of students. The University of Law is the UK's longest-established specialist provider of legal education and training in the UK, with campuses in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Chester, Guildford, Manchester and Leeds, as well as collaborations with The University of Exeter and The University of Reading.

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